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Willkommen bei Forth-Gesellschaft e.V.
Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2019 @ 09:03 CET
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Compiler Bestseller Liste

NachrichtenA Bit of Forth and Fun. Thanks again – A Start With Forth is now up from top 20 to top 18

Just to show the wider range of the Forth Bookshelf in comparison

this morning at 8.30:

23. Juergen's A Start With Forth - thanks again to Arthur who sent the link to see the ranking
32. Stephen’s Pelc Programming Forth
57. Chuck's Programming a Problem-oriented Language
60. Ting's eForth and Zen 2017
65. Ting's Zen and the Forth Language
75. Ting's Footsteps in an Empty Valley
78. Ting's eForth Overview
94. Chuck's The Early Years
99. Ting's Fig Forth Manual, including Steve Teal's 1802 IP for FPGA and a link to downloads to program the FPGA and run it.

Interesting to see what people like - either as part of the Forth community or outside

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Tings new eForth home

NachrichtenChen Hanson Ting hat seine Werke wieder online gestellt:

Damit ist sein eForth für eine ganz Reihe interessanter MCUs, 8-Bit bis 32-Bit, wieder verfügbar. Und drum herum viel lesenswertes über Forth an sich und eForth im speziellen.
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Forth Bookshelf extended - Irreducible Complexity

NachrichtenEs gibt ein weiteres ebook von Ting:

For UK

For US

For Germany

The complete Forth Bookshelf can be found at:


"Moore’s Law marches on, and more and more circuits are crowded into microcontrollers. In the last 15 years, I had programmed many ARM chips, and had watched with amazement the progress of the ARM chips. My approach had always been to port an eForth system onto the chips and tried to make the best use of the chips..."
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Masterminds of Programming

NachrichtenThis book features exclusive interviews with the creators of several historic and highly influential programming languages. In this unique collection, you'll learn about the processes that led to specific design decisions, including the goals they had in mind, the trade-offs they had to make, and how their experiences have left an impact on programming today. It includes individual interviews with: Adin D. Falkoff: APL ; Thomas E. Kurtz: BASIC ; Charles H. Moore: FORTH ; Robin Milner: ML ; Donald D. Chamberlin: SQL; Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger, and Brian Kernighan: AWK ; Charles Geschke and John Warnock: PostScript ; Bjarne Stroustrup: C++ ; Bertrand Meyer: Eiffel ; Brad Cox and Tom Love: Objective-C : Larry Wall: Perl ; Simon Peyton Jones, Paul Hudak, Philip Wadler, and John Hughes: Haskell ; Guido van Rossum: Python ; Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo and Roberto Ierusalimschy: Lua ; James Gosling: Java ; Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, and James Rumbaugh: UML ; Anders Hejlsberg: Delphi inventor and lead developer of C#.

Moores Chapter:

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e4thcom Terminal


Im Wiki der Forth-Gesellschaft gibt es eine neue Version des e4thcom Terminals (e4thcom-0.6.1) mit den folgenden Verbesserungen:

  • Editierbare Eingabezeile mit Historie mit TAB-Auswahl
  • Editor-Schnittstelle
  • Hochladen von Quelltext in Halb- oder Vollduplex
  • Plug-Ins für 430CamelForth, replica watches 430eForth, 4e4th, AmForth, anyForth, Mecrisp, Mecrisp-Stellaris und noForth
  • MSP430 Cross-[Dis-]Assembler Unterstützung für alle unterstützten MSP430 Targets
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Wil Baden (*1928) ist Ende 2016 gestorben

NachrichtenLeo Wong hat das in comp.lang.forth gepostet:

(Forward this to anyone you think would be interested.)

Saturday, 21 January 2017, 2:00-4:00 pm Sierra room, Balearic Community
Center 1975 Balearic Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626

Wil Baden once told his children that when he died, we should have a

So, with Mom's permission, we are doing just that. We are going to have
some of his favorite snacks, and sing songs from the Dr. Seuss and Tom
Lehrer songbooks. He sang us peculiar lullabies when we were small,
accompanied us on piano from time to time, introduced us to the Doctor
Demento show, and performed duets with Mom on occasion.

We expect to have newspaper swordfights, and play some "Halloween Games,"
and talk about some of our favorite memories of growing up.

Hosted by the Baden children - Dorothy, Elaine, Chas., and Thomas.

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Die FG auf dem 33c3

NachrichtenWir sind auch dieses Jahr wieder auf dem CCC, mit unserer Assembly, und einem net2o-Vortrag im #wefixthenet-Raum. Relevante Infos werde ich bei Bedarf noch ergänzen.

b16-CPU (steuert den Triceps):
Triceps 2.0, erklärt im Heft:
Flyer deutsch:
Flyer englisch:
Flyer net2o:

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Siegeszug der Rechenmonster

NachrichtenVon der mechanischen Rechenmaschien über Lochkarten zu ENIAC (1946), UNIVAC (2KIPS), IBM, Festplatten, Disketten, Geldautomaten, Plankalkül, Fortran, Cobol, und dann, an der Stelle 15:15 Minuten: Forth ! Ha, wer hätte das gedacht! Dann: Nixdorf, PC; Transistor, TI, ICs, Chips - Sputnik, Apollo, Telefonmodem, Arpanet, Internet, und das Tal der Aprikosen ... Also auch ohne Forth ist das ein sehenswerter historischer Überblick. "..und das aller wichtigste für ihn, ist der Pudding!" :-)
Gute Unterhaltung!;sv2&flash=off

Meinen Dank an Dirk Brühl fürs aufmerksame hinsehen.
best replica watches:
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Die FG auf der MakerFaire


Die Forth-Gesellschaft ist auf der Makerfaire, und stellt Triceps, Bitkanone und Algenaquarium vor.

b16-CPU (steuert den Triceps):
Triceps 2.0, erklärt im Heft:
Bitkanone Quelltext auf github:

Flyer deutsch:
Flyer englisch:
Flyer net2o:
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Forth in 7 easy steps

NachrichtenJean-Claude Wippler wrote a "...little attempt to “explain Forth” to someone not familiar with it. How do you read that funky syntax? How do you wrap your mind around what’s going on, especially since it has such a compact and unconventional notation?" -

Auch seine anderen Beiträge dort auf JeeLabs - COMPUTING STUFF TIED TO THE PHYSICAL WORLD - sind eine Reise wert -
replica watches: